About Us

We want to be absolutely clear about who we are and what we stand for. We are a 100% maritime law firm that believes in taking proactive steps in helping offshore workers.

As of 2013, our firm has begun limiting its practice to only maritime cases. We believe lawyers have an obligation to their clients to be the best they can be. How can you be the best atone thing,if your attention is constantly divided between several practice areas? For this reason, among others, we have decided to become a maritime-only law firm. We are dedicating our attention and resources to helping only offshore workers.

A family business handed down from father to son, The Young Firm has been working closely with offshore workers for over 50 years. These people, we found, were hard-working, honest Americans who had been severely wronged by their companies and needed someone to fight for their rights. These people weren’t looking to make a quick buck, or get back at their companies; they were just looking to get by and get their lives under control. That’s when we step in and use the law to protect not only their rights, but their futures as well.

In recent years we have realized that there are many ways besides legal recourse that we may serve the maritime community. This is why we have sites like STCWOnline, VesselJobs, and RigKids that offer free resources to those who want them.

To learn more about our firm and what we believe in, visit www.JonesActLaw.com.