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STCW: The White List

What is the “White List”? The White List distinguishes the nations that have displayed and established a plan of full compliance with the STCW-95 Convention and Code.  Developed by an unbiased group of “competent persons” at the IMO, the White List was created using criteria such as what system of licensing the administration has, training [...]

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New Training Program from Videotel Addresses STCW Regulations

Videotel Marine International has introduced a new training program, “Deep Water Handling”, which examines situations that vessels face in deep water, and addresses the best ways to handle those situations. Extreme weather and rough seas often make sailing very dangerous, and having a crew that is trained to minimize the risks and handle their ship [...]

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STCW and the Final Rule

On December 24, 2013, the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) published its Final Rule, “Implementation of the Amendments to the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, 1978 (STCW), as Amended, and Changes to National Endorsements.” The Final Rule incorporates the Manila Amendments to the STCW into U.S. regulations.  In addition, it [...]

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International Chamber of Shipping Concerned About January 1st Deadline

Recently, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) has voiced concern to governments regarding the global preparations for granting thousands of seafarers new certificates for their security-related training by January 1st, a requirement of the Manila Amendments to the STCW. The ICS submitted a written request to the IMO, suggesting that member states consider extending the [...]

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Leadership and Teamwork Competencies Required by 2010 Manila Amendments

The deadlines for acquiring the training and competencies needed to comply with the requirements set out by the 2010 Manila Amendments are fast approaching, and one of those requirements is that nautical and technical officers raise their competence level with regard to Leadership and Teamwork. Competence in these skills applies to 2nd and 3rd officers [...]

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STCW: General Ratings Requirements

With regard to STCW standards, there are three general ratings categories: Ratings forming part of a watch (engine or deck) Ratings not assigned watch-keeping responsibilities Ratings in training For each category, you must meet the minimum requirements of age, medical fitness, competence, and seagoing service time (if assigned watch-keeping duties). Ratings who do not have [...]

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STCW: Two Paths to Certification

To receive your STCW certificate, there are two distinct options.  Whichever option you select, however, the standards are exactly the same.  The only difference between the two paths is the number of functions you will be certified to perform on a vessel, and that difference will be reflected on your certificate. Option 1: Traditional Traditionally-awarded [...]

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STCW-95 and Web-based Training

  With the deadline to fulfill the new STCW requirements fast approaching, companies are utilizing technology in an effort to offer the most accessible training to marine workers across the country.  One of the most convenient training methods is web-based training, and International Maritime Security Network, LLC (IMSN) knows just how effective this offering is. [...]

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General Requirements for Officers

Officers must meet minimum requirements with regard to seagoing service, medical fitness, competence, and age.  They must have a valid certificate of competence according to rank and functions, and that certificate should be endorsed by the issuing administration.  Officers also must have any supplemental certificates that are required, like ARPA, radar, GMDSS, and certificates that [...]

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STCW Certificates: What are they? What’s new?

The term “certificates” describes all official documents that are required under STCW, including certificates of proficiency, endorsements, certificates of competence, and all documentation verifying that a requirement of the STCW has been met.  Certificates are the primary documentary evidence you will have to prove your compliance with STCW standards – including your level of education [...]

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