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STCW: Qualified Assessors Q&A

What is a Qualified Assessor (QA)? A “Qualified Assessor”, as defined in the STCW Final Rule, is “a person who is qualified to evaluate, for STCW endorsements, whether an applicant has demonstrated the level of competence in the task for which the assessment is being made.”  These QA’s must be approved by the United States [...]

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UFS Urges Government to Examine Seafarers’ Hardships

Urging the government to examine the hardships of thousands of seafarers whose jobs are in jeopardy following the Philippines’ refusal to comply with the EU’s education and maritime safety requirements, the United Filipino Seafarers (UFS) hold the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) responsible for the current state of Filipino seamen. According to UFS president, Nelson Ramirez, [...]

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House and Senate Approve Bills Securing Jobs of Filipino Seafarers

On February 11, both houses of Congress approved bills to prevent the potential blacklisting of nearly 80,000 Filipino seafarers from vessels from the EU. Twenty-one senators voted to approve their bill, Senate Bill (S.B.) 2043, designating the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) the sole organization in charge of issuing certificates and training to over 400,000 Filipino [...]

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Videotel Introduces Passenger Crowd Control and Mustering Training

Videotel has introduced a new program highlighting the necessity of psychology in passenger evacuations, which has garnered a lot of attention recently in the industry. “Making the Difference – Passenger Mustering and Crowd Control” examines all aspects of passenger mustering, with particular attention to passenger flow on stairways, and the care of passengers once they [...]

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IMO Approves Guidance on Certification and Training Requirements

The IMO has recently approved guidance on certification and training requirements for seafarers and vessel security officers with designated security duties, in an effort to address practical issues that seafarers have been dealing with to obtain necessary security certification under the Manila Amendments. This new guidance recommends that until July 1, 2015, all relevant training [...]

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The Manila Amendments: What’s So Different?

By now, most maritime professionals have heard about STCW-95 and the Manila Amendments.  Mariners across the country are setting out to acquire the new and updated endorsements required, and seamen everywhere are making sure their MMC’s reflect the new requirements in advance of the January 2014 deadline. Though it is imperative to have the right [...]

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The New STCW Security Endorsements: Do I Need Them?

The latest amendments to the STCW (Manila 2010) require all mariners serving on applicable vessels to have security awareness endorsements.  Additionally, any mariner assigned security duties is required to have the VPDSD endorsement.  All mariners must have the endorsements as of January 1, 2014. It is important to note that without the security endorsement, your [...]

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STCW Courses are Necessary for Maritime Careers

STCW certification is for mariners who are looking to get a career in the industry or renew their training credentials. For new mariners, the Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping (STCW) courses that are available focus on basic training and skills that are necessary on the job. These courses can be augmented with advanced training [...]

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A New Mariner’s Guide to STCW Compliance under Maritime Law

If you are a new mariner, maritime law requires for you to understand STCW compliance. This ensures that all necessary licenses and certifications are up to date before you start working in the industry. An Overview of STCW Compliance If you have entered into the maritime profession, depending on your specific job, you may need [...]

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STCW Compliance Dates for Courses from Manila Amendments

The Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping, or STCW, convened in 2010 to update the Manila Amendments. While this does not happen often, with the advent of new technologies and other changes affecting mariners, STCW compliance is changing also; therefore, you may take an STCW course refresher. These updates went into effect on January 1, [...]

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