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Don’t Walk into that Exam Room Unprepared!

As with any exam, studying is crucial to doing well. The STCW Deck Exam isn’t one of those tests you can walk in and wing; it takes putting in the time, effort, and the long hours reviewing the questions. Most experts agree that it takes several weeks of intense study to really learn a subject, and that the best way to study is to practice, practice, practice.

Our FREE STCW Deck Exam practice CD will help you learn the material to pass the exam. This CD includes:

            • General Deck Questions
            • General Navigation Questions
            • Rules of the Road
            • Safety
            • Navigational Problems 

Do You Know the Answers?

The test has hundreds of questions that will strain your memory and frustrate the heck out of you. You don’t want to be one of those guys on exam day sweating, axiously looking around the room for some clue to the right answer. No, you want to be the guy that knows it so well you’re flying through the test! Now, just to wet your palate, here are some examples of questions that might appear on your test:

While your vessel is docked port side to a wharf, a sudden gale-force wind causes the vessel’s stern line to part. The stern begins to fall away from the dock, and no tugs are available. What should you do first?

A drift lead indicates that the vessel is dragging anchor when the line is _____________.

What term indicates the midships portion of a vessel that has a constant cross section?

So, did you have an answer? Whether you know the answers to the above questions or not, we guarantee you the test will have easier questions and much, much harder questions, so be prepared.

What Do You Have to Lose?

Ordering this free CD is your first step to success and can make all the difference between passing the exam and not. Still not convinced? Maybe our FREE GUARANTEE can change your mind.

  • We promise that the CD is 100% FREE. No purchase, deposit, or other fees required.
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Regardless of whether you decide to order, please do not decide to pass on studying for the exam. This is your career, your livelihood and it requires your best efforts.