TradeWinds Event to Examine the Jones Act in Contemporary Use

This week, New York City will host the TradeWinds Jones Act Shipping Forum at the New York Yacht Club in Manhattan.  Partnering with shipping market experts, TradeWinds will present a forum giving both seasoned maritime professionals and newcomers an opportunity to explore the options made available by the Jones Act.

With the boom of shale oil production and transportation in North America, we are currently entering an unprecedented period of prosperity in the maritime industry.  Tanker, barge and tug owners have been placing orders with U.S. shipyards in record numbers, looking to cash in on the demand for cargo subject to the Jones Act, which protects domestic operators from low-cost foreign competitors.

If you combine that boom with the retiring of old containerships and a large increase in orders for offshore support vessels, it’s no big surprise that large banks, private equity firms and hedge funds are looking to get in on the opportunities while the market is hot.

With some of the biggest names in the maritime industry attending as both guests and panelists, the event promises to be educational and informative, as well as an opportunity to learn what the largest companies in the industry have planned for the future.  Some of the topics to be covered are:

  •  Jones Act Overview:  What constitutes a U.S. Citizen?  What criteria must be considered for “U.S.-built?”  What is the threat of crude exports?  What do the fleets look like today, and how will they appear in the future?
  •  Finance:  What is the role of commercial lenders, equity investors, private equity firms, and the Federal Government in Jones Act Trade development?
  •  Shipbuilding:  How is the increase in demand being met by shipyards, and which areas will be offering the highest returns going forward?
  •  Regulation:  How sustainable are current domestic trade policies?  How do shipowners adapt to ECA requirements and other new legislature?

For more information on this exciting event, see the organizer’s website.

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