New Training Program from Videotel Addresses STCW Regulations

Videotel Marine International has introduced a new training program, “Deep Water Handling”, which examines situations that vessels face in deep water, and addresses the best ways to handle those situations.

Extreme weather and rough seas often make sailing very dangerous, and having a crew that is trained to minimize the risks and handle their ship when under pressure or in distress can mean the difference between life and death in many maritime situations.

This new course is designed especially for junior deck officers and above, which includes those studying for qualifications.  Available in Videotel On Demand, eLearning Computer-Based Training, and DVD, the course is also valuable for non-mariners who need to learn about issues faced in deep water – most specifically tribunal and court officers.  Deep Water Handling covers head seas, beam seas, stern seas, ship stability, and complex rolling motions in beam.  Additionally, the course addresses STCW regulations in Table A-II/1, A-II/2, and A-II/3.

Says Videotel CEO, Nigel Cleave, “Seafarers clearly can’t control the weather. However, there is usually action which can be taken by the Master or the Officer of the Watch which can minimize or even avoid any risk.”

Handling a ship properly in deep water requires monitoring all factors that can’t be controlled and dealing with those that can (course, schedule, ship’s speed, load factors, etc.).  It is an essential part of ensuring the safety of a vessel, its cargo, and its crew.

The new course is produced in coordination with Northwest Interaction, Ltd., a company that has also helped produce Videotel’s Hydrodynamics program, explaining basic Hydrodynamic principles and suggesting methods of avoiding/reducing its effects.







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