STCW: Qualified Assessors Q&A

What is a Qualified Assessor (QA)?

A “Qualified Assessor”, as defined in the STCW Final Rule, is “a person who is qualified to evaluate, for STCW endorsements, whether an applicant has demonstrated the level of competence in the task for which the assessment is being made.”  These QA’s must be approved by the United States Coast Guard (USCG), or through a USCG-approved course of training.

What are the requirements for a Qualified Assessor?

• Must have experience, training, or instruction in assessment techniques

• Must be qualified in the task(s) for which the assessment is being conducted

• Must hold or have held the level of endorsement or other professional credential that provides proof that he or she has attained a level of experience and qualification equal or superior to the relevant level of knowledge, skills, and abilities for the task to be assessed

Do I need to be a QA to conduct shipboard assessments?

According to the Final Rule, on or following January 1, 2017, all assessors must be approved by the National Maritime Center.  To facilitate the transition to the new requirement for approval of QAs, the USCG will accept assessments that have been demonstrated in front of, and signed off on by, an assessor who has not been USCG-approved until December 31, 2016, as long as that assessor meets the professional requirements to assess competence for the specific endorsement.

Do I have to have a current, valid MMC to be a Qualified Assessor?

No.  A QA must have the training and experience described in the qualifications above, but that person does not need to have a valid MMC.

How can I become a Qualified Assessor?

To become a QA, you must submit a written request to:


Commanding Officer (NMC-21)
National Maritime Center
100 Forbes Drive
Martinsburg, WV 25404

This request must identify the portions of the STCW you would like to assess, as well as provide evidence that you meet the qualifications.

If you still have questions about the security training and certification requirements under the new STCW convention, check out this link for details.  You can also contact us directly with all your questions!

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